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Often with bricks, it's square shape acts as the main element. A unique event, with three further shows planned for 2015 in Leeds, Bristol and returning to London, the show is now spreading to the streets to benefit artists and city dwellers alike.

This year, the program is evolving to pair a local artist with a visiting international artist at each of the host arts organizations. This creates a whole new dimension to the space and widens the experience and imagination to all the participants at Meeting of Styles Chiang Mai 2015. Marking the city’s status as European Green Capital City, we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign in the next month to enable people to make this a reality. In addition to Human Nature’s primary sponsor, Abundance, the ethical investment company, ‘The Honey Bee’ has been kindly supported by a number of Bristol based organisations including Triodos Bank, At-Bristol Science Centre, Bristol Friends of the Earth, Get Bristol Buzzing and Bristol Fine Art. Human Nature will be coming to The Gallery at Munro House in Leeds from 22nd April to 2nd May and Bristol’s Centrespace Gallery from 16th to 30th July. Our London show will be in October with the venue still to be announced. For more information on what can be done to save the Honey Bee go to The Friends of the Earth Bee Cause site .

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So in a few days time I will release a bonus video with more of what I've seen - although it clearly will still only be a sliver of what is out there.

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