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Negreanu dating

@Real James Woods: Say it like a man to my face, you cowardly piece of sh*t.

Perhaps Woods might have fared better if this exchange had occurred before Twitter gave all tweeters more than 140 characters.

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Follow the author on Google Follow the author on Twitter DD 2016-07-17 I find this Most interesting.... Helmuth, Matasow, Negraneu,ferguson,lederer, greenstein, & many more, at the top of the game, 10 years ago, now to present day....

She is the second actress, however, to call out Woods for inappropriate behavior, as “General Hospital” actress Amber Tamblyn, now 34, has accused Woods of pursuing her when she was 16.

Woods had been publicly silent about Perkins’ claim, but apparently couldn’t resist saying something after Negreanu brought the latest allegations into the poker Twitter fray.

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With people recently empowered to share their stories about being victims of sexual misconduct, it should come as no surprise that the poker world isn’t immune from revelations about disgraceful behavior.