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In the countryside outside town, I couldn’t help but notice how barren the land was.There was little grass around, and many houses had been abandoned and left to ruins.

After years of travel, my initial thought when this happens is usually: “Here is yet someone else trying to sell me something.” As they started asking me about where I was from and how I liked their country, I was expecting them to get into “the sell,” but instead was shocked that they would then just wish me well and walk away. It caught me off guard the first couple of times, but after a while, I relished each opportunity to meet someone new.At various spots along the way, they explained that this once-fertile land was destroyed during the war and that many Tamils fled.(In fact, despite the war being long over, there are still over 90,000 displaced Tamils in refugee camps.)“Are those people over there rebuilding the houses?And there was the woman who owned the hostel in Kandy and gave me a big hug and a kiss and told me to come back…after staying only one night!(She also did this to the other guests who were checking out when I was.)Also, there was the tour driver in Tissa who insisted on taking me out for beers to celebrate seeing a whole herd of elephants.

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In the main room, you could see bullet holes from attacks, ruined computers, and graphic pictures of the journalists who lost their lives in paramilitary attacks.

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