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Dating marshall transformers

Further, ’68 saw one more Marshall evolution— the complete switchover from fret cloth to the basket-weave cab covering that had been partially instituted in late 1967.If you’re buying a vintage amp for its tone, you might not care if some of its parts have been replaced.Some of the long-lasting design shifts away from Marshall’s original recipe were the use of EL34 power tubes, a solid-state rectifier tube for more gain, and two separate channels— bright and normal.

The bottom line is that you have to know what you’re buying, and it’s vital that you research all facets of an amp’s original design and manufacture—from its tolex and grille cloth to its capacitors and transformer—before you put down your cash.“This particular plexi has Mullard EL34s, Mullard 12AX7s in the input, Amperex Bugle Boy and Mini Watt ECC83s,” says Sinigalliano.“All these tubes are similar to what was originally installed in this amp.” The 1968 straight-front 4x12 has Celestion pre-Rola G12-30 speakers with 041 cones, as well as its original basket-weave grille.The pesky guitarists in question—Ritchie Blackmore, Big Jim Sullivan [the subject of PG’s February 2013 Forgotten Heroes feature], and Pete Townshend—were dissatisfied with their rigs.They yearned for more volume, more distortion, and the right sound.

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********************************************************************************************************************************************* Marshall Jtm45 Block logo Head LATE BLOCK LOGO JTM Original clean example with very minor changes such as feet and fuse holder...

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