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Then, too, as one student remarked going into a performance: "Letting the movie play here probably is meant to demonstrate the government's liberal side." It serves a certain propaganda purpose as well, providing a convenient target to belittle Wajda.Even before film critics here had a chance to view the film, they started writing about it, parroting many of the negative comments that the movie precipitated in France.The fact that the film is being permitted her at all may be explained in part by the financial investment the Warsaw government has in it.Poland invested several hundred thousand dollars through a coproduction arrangement with the French, who contributed about 0,000.Robespierre actually had been the favored one in the play by Polish writer Stanislawa Przbyszewska, which Wajda directed in Warsaw in the mid-1970s.Written between the two world wars, the play was inspired by the then-current Communist view that urged the revolution on despite the terrible price in lives and suffering.

The movie's official reception in Poland has angered Wajda and his staff here.

13, 1981, martial-law roundup of Solidarity union activists in Poland.

The audience broke into applause later when one of those interned in the film observed sardonically that politics is governed by rules that having nothing to do with justice.

There, it prompted an uproar among leftists who faulted the movie for a lack of historical accuracy.

The socialist government of French President Francois Mitterrand also did not appreciate the film's uncomplimentary portrayal of Robespierre, a forefather for the French left -- particularly coming as it did within weeks of important municipal elections in France.

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Wajda indeed portrays Danton as a hero, to the detriment of Robespierre.