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There was no reason to suspect that this would prove to be anything more than yet another incident like all the others—irritating, no doubt, but impossible to suppress entirely.

Now, they realized, none of them could really be confident that the “NEC” disk drives, chips, screens, or keyboards on which they were doing their blogging were what they claimed to be.

To manufacture them the impostor multinational had signed royalty arrangements with more than fifty businesses scattered through China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, at least some of which seemed to believe they were working for the real NEC.

And it had developed its own sophisticated distribution networks, allowing its products to reach a global market extending at least as far as Africa and Europe.

Over time, it had produced an entire range of consumer products, from MP3 players to lavish home theater systems.

These goods were of high quality, with warranties emulating NEC’s own (in fact, the conspiracy came to light only when users tried to exercise their warranty rights by contacting NEC).

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Two years, half a dozen countries, and several continents later, what International Risk had unveiled shocked even the most jaded experts in today’s industrial shenanigans.