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An older and still used unit it the Curie (abbreviated Ci) equal to 3.7 × 1010 disintegrations per second. D N D 10.04 We substitute the d N/dt for the λN terms in 10.4, rearrange and we obtain 100.3; QED. Imagine a hopper, a grain hopper for example, with an open top and a door in the bottom.Because concentrations of these elements in nature are generally low, activity is often expressed in disintegrations per minute (dpm). Half-lives and decay constants of long-lived U and Th daughters Nuclide Half-life, yrs Decay constant, yr-1 Parent 234U 246,000 2.794 x 10-6 238U 231Pa 32,480 2.134 x 10-5 235U 230Th 75,200 9.217 x 10-6 238U 226Ra 1,622 4.272 x 10-4 238U 228Ra 6.7 1.06 x 10-1 232Th 210Pb 22.26 3.11 x 10-2 238U Geol. The equilibrium state is the steady state where the abundance of the daughter does not change, i.e. The door is spring-loaded such that the more weight placed on the door, the wider it opens.Because the marbles are falling out more slowly than they are falling in, the number and weight of marbles in the hopper will continue to increase. At some point, the door will be open so wide that marbles are falling out as fast as they are falling in. Marbles no longer accumulate in the hopper and hence the door is not forced to open any wider.The marbles falling into the door are like the decay of the parent isotope.655 Isotope Geochemistry Lecture 10 68 d ND dt = d N P dt 10.03 This is the state that will be eventually achieved by any system if it is not perturbed (remains closed). Suppose we start dropping marbles into the hopper at a con- stant rate.

In practice, an effective equilibrium is achieved when the difference between the measured ratio of parent to daughter is less than the analytical uncertainty of the measurement. In these Lecture Notes, the Lecturer has tried to illustrate the following points : Decay Schemes, Radioactive, Invariant Rate, Dating, Conventional Techniques, Proportiona... 655 Isotope Geochemistry Lecture 10 66 GEOCHRONOLOGY VI U-DECAY SERIES DATING Up to now, we have been discussing decay schemes that are based on measuring the amount of a sta- ble daughter nuclide relative to the amount of the radioactive parent.Since the decay of the parent takes place at an invariant rate, this ratio of daughter to parent is proportional to time (in a closed system).Basic Principles The fundamental principal involved in U decay series dating is that, in a closed system, the ratio of parent to daughter will tend toward an equilibrium state in which the rate of decay of the parent is equal to the rate of decay of the daughter.A closed system will approach this equilibrium state at a predictable rate with the ratio of the parent to daughter being proportional to time, provided equilibrium has not been reached.

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Just as the number of marbles passing through the door depends on the number of marbles in the hopper, the activity (number of decays per unit time) of an isotope depends on the number of atoms present.

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